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Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company incorporated under the provisions of Registrar of Companies act 1956, Govt. Of India. The company started the Pure line breeding work with a mission to provide birds well adapted to hot & humid climates, Low density diets & tolerating low level infections. The company’s R&D unit is recognized by Department of Science & Technology since 2004.

INDBRO COLORED BROILERS : Slow growing & fits into welfare standards
The slaughter age of white broiler is going down. As the birds are slaughtered early, the meat is getting very tender and does not stand hard cooking. Consumers are developing apprehensions about the way the broilers are reared and the feeding practices followed. Slow growing broilers taking 55 to 60 days, having little tougher meat are getting popular. Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt.Ltd. has developed a multicolored broiler to suit this requirement. The slow growing Indbro Colored Bird can tolerate moderate infection levels of common bacteria like E.Coli and do not require periodic antibiotics in feed or water. The meat analysis done at National Research Centre for Meat at Hyderabad showed that the meat from the colored broilers has more water holding capacity. The overall acceptability of Indbro Color Broiler was better than that of Broiler. It was also found that the transit weight loss, and yield of thigh & drumsticks is higher with Indbro Colored Broiler.

RAINBOW ROOSTER - low input, Multicolored, Dual purpose & suitable for Back yard Poultry farming.
The Company got Venture capital funding from the Ministry of Agriculture through NABARD to set up a breeding program to breed “Low Input Birds” in 2005. The company has successfully developed a breed cross which is Dual purpose & multicolored, capable of sustaining the backyard rearing conditions. Technology Development Board has funded the company for commercializing this product named “Rainbow Rooster.” The company has it’s own parent stocks and markets the Hatching eggs & Day old chicks throughout the country.

INDBRO BROWN LAYER - Sturdy Brown egg layer.
There is a need to meet the nutritional requirements of the Rural populations of the developing countries with house hold poultry production with low investment on housing and safe bird keeping. Indbro Brown layer produces over 300 dark brown eggs in an year. The Colored male chicks can be successfully raised forĀ  tougher and tasty meat like native birds.  The chicks can be Feather sexed at day old stage in the hatchery. The dark brown eggs are marketed as a special entity in predominantly white egg markets.

INDBRO ASEEL - Efficient Native type Birds.
The colored, slow growing, pea combed Indian Native birds are not improved. The females are broody and lay very few eggs. They have tall legs and run fast to escape from the predators. They grow slow and the meat is tougher in consistency with higher shear strength. The demand for the chicken and eggs of the native birds is higher even in Urban markets, fetching four times higher price compared to broiler. Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt.Ltd. started breeding these birds, studying the virtues of the native birds. The reproductive inefficiency has been overcome by using the brown layer lines which improved, weight gain, uniformity, egg laying capacity and the over all acceptability. These birds take 100 days to gain 1.3Kg weight but are well accepted in the market. Indbro Aseel can thrive on pure scavenging conditions also. The transport shrinkage is less, Thigh & Drumstick content is higher in the carcass. The meat is darker in color tougher in consistency and the fat content of the thigh muscle is less than half of what is found in Broilers.

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