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The poultry housing, management, feed and marketing systems in India are unique in their own way. The chicken houses in India are open sided and operate with cross ventilation. The temperature in Summer goes up. The heavy investment on controlled houses is not feasible. The live stock will not get the best quality grains and at the low prices, as in the fast. The water and feed management done through manual labor expose the birds to low grade common bacteria like E.Coli which cannot be avoided. The live stock will have to produce results living under varied climates, utilizing the low grade grains, not suitable for human beings and exposed to low grade infections. The company believes that birds bred in India under similar conditions will suit better for the tropical climates with inferior inputs and open houses. The birds bred like this will also perform better under superior feed and housing systems. The facilities and manpower required for the breeding work are less expensive in India and the technology is available.

The company has started off with a mission to be a leading supplier of poultry breeding stocks well adapted to hot climates, open housing systems and average feed. The company envisages to develop the production systems to generate income with low capital investment. These birds will also suit the “Organic food production”. In short, the company will actively participate in food production systems for small farmers.
The bird, as a biological subject reacts to environment very fast. Creating Moderate climate suitable for all climates require huge infrastructure and running expenditure. The birds bred under natural environment can take all the environments. The performance of these birds will even be better, when better environment is provided.

Poultry breeding is a challenging research enterprise, involving huge infrastructure, Finances and committed manpower. Providing health care to multiply and deliver the genetically developed stocks is another challenge to the breeding company.

INDBRO Research & Breeding Farms Pvt.Ltd is a company that got in to the activity with birds acclimatized for hot climates, huge infrastructure, enough finances and a group of committed technicians  with an aim to produce a efficient birds to suit the growing rural market.

Native poultry has been a source of nutritious food in the form of eggs and chicken, besides being the source of income to the house wife. In spite of the rapid industrialization, multicolored rural poultry maintained it’s identity for it’s adaptability to rugged environment and TASTE.  Food safety norms emphasize the natural way of rearing chicken without adding synthetic nutrients, antibiotic medicaments or performance enhancers.

Colored birds that grow slow with natural low inputs and no added chemicals can be branded as “Organic Chicken”. Good feed conversion on low or no technology, suitable for rugged village conditions, with the original TASTE of the native chickens is in demand. Multicolored RAINBOW ROOSTER is a breed cross bred scientifically for this purpose with better efficiency. INDBRO ASEEL is a typical native bird with improved performance

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